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Germany’s Capital Berlin: An Eclectic Array of Culture and Grit

Berlin attractions include a wide variety of experiences right from visiting Lego-land to  dining at fine restaurants to even jumping off a building. From the first time you set foot in the German capital, you’ll be hooked. Berlin attractions are a blend of magnificent historical destinations with an eclectic array of culture and prepossessing sights. Berlin, […]


Belur and Halebidu: The Twin Ancient Marvels of Hoysala Dynasty

Belur temple, officially known as the Chennakeshava temple and commonly called the Belur math (cloister)  is a marvel of ancient Hoysala architecture. If you go deep into the etymology of the Belur temple, it means ‘beautiful Vishnu’ Chenna means beautiful while keshava means vishnu (one of the principal deities of Hinduism). The name itself implies the […]