Best Breakfast Places in India’s Start-Up Hub – Koramangala

Best breakfast places in Koramangala are hard to choose because there are so many.

The garden city ‘Bengaluru’, rightly owning the title of the ‘fifth most populous urban agglomeration’ has been the career hub for over two decades now, attracting inhabitants from different walks of life to migrate and nest here. The majority population, away from home usually wake up feeling homesick and missing the first morsel from their mother’s kitchen. With great and modern minds coming together, the city has learnt to make opportunities out of every need that surfaces giving rise to umpteen Start-Ups, many of them plunging into the food business. Thanks to the existence of varied cultures in this city, one can never fail to find a match for their morning taste buds.

Me, a victim of my gluttony and subjugated by my palate have been discovering the Best Breakfast places in Koramangala and writing to give you a taste of it too.

Koramangala has some of the most savoury breakfast eateries. Photography by Dev Kumar Banik

Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala: An Overview

City Bangalore / Bengaluru
State Karnataka (Southern India)
Locality Koramangala
Areas Mostly 4th, 5th& 6th Block Koramangala
Budget Pocket-friendly; Between Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000/-
Menu Timings Mornings and All Day Breakfast
Cuisines South Indian, North Indian & English
Accessibility It is in the heart of the city, and can be easily accessible by bus, auto and cab services.
Diet& Hygiene Extremely nutritious, many on the menu are low on carbs and calories and high on proteins. Food made out of fresh ingredients. Clean and sanitized eating environment.

 My Top Suggestions for the Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

The Hole in the Wall  & A Hole Lotta Love Cafes

Right after your first little morning yawns when you look for options for the most important meal of the day, ‘The Hole in the Wall’ & ‘A Hole Lotta Love’ cafes will be among the top few suggestions in your listing for the Best Breakfast places in Koramangala. The latter being a sister branch to the former, both have similar menu and exhibit the same transcendence in their quality food.

Their range of all-day breakfast and other heterogeneous assortment on the menu keeps pooling in loyal customers every day. Not to miss out their interiors, both the cafes converted out of residential bungalows and the preserved modest ambiance definitely brings the comfort of a home to their visitors.

‘The Hole in the Wall’ situated in 4th Block Koramangala and ‘A Hole Lotta Love’ is in the 5th Block. For being highly acclaimed if you are planning to visit one of these two cafes on weekends, well brace yourself to wait in a long cue. They do not take any prior reservations because of the continuous floating crowd.

Suggestions from the Menu

The Porky Fella’s Breakfast – Make sure you have a good appetite for this, or you might need help finishing it.

Waffles with fresh cream, diced mangoes and maple syrup – This one is off the menu since the fruit is seasonal. Nevertheless, if you can get your hands on it, do not miss it.

The Hole’s Breakfast Smoothie – Nothing can get healthier than this, it is the exuberant mix of bananas and strawberries in oats and curd.

 Approx. cost of two people – Rs. 600 -1000/-

Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

Delicious porky fella breakfast. Photography by Pradipta


Yummilicious waffles with ice-cream. Photography by Sandeep Nair


Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

The Hole’s savoury breakfast smoothie. Photography by Pam McCaffery

Indian Coffee House & Restaurant

When in south how can one not think of relishing the traditional and health beneficial dishes that are renowned all of South India? Yes, I am talking about indulging in platters of dosasidlys and vadas with lots of customary ghee and ending it with the strong aromatic hot sip of filter coffee.

In my opinion, one of the Best South Indian Breakfast places in Koramangala is the Indian Coffee House & Restaurant. While the ambiance of the place is modernized, cleaned and simple, the fragrance of the place sets in immediate nostalgia bringing back memories of happy conversations over coffee with friends and family. This place is neat, hygienic, well lit and provides good customer service.

Suggestions from the Menu

 Dosa – They have a scrumptious variety of them to confuse you until the last minute. Cheese masala dosa and chicken dosa are among my favourites.

Onion Uttappam – For the ones looking for a crepe or pancake like food this item goes best with the egg curry served there.

Upma – An authentic dish made of semolina, heavy yet easily digested. You can savour the traditional flavour in every bite.

 Approx. cost for two people: Rs.600 –Rs.800 /-


Best breakfast places in koramangala Authentic flavoured dosa. Photography by Shubham Chauhan


Best breakfast places in koramangala Uttapam – The sumptuous Indian version of pancake. Photography by Rasika Shreeram Enagandula


Best breakfast places in koramangala

Upma – The healthy and filling breakfast option. Photography by Saranya Gunasekaran

Dyu Art Café

At a convenient corner of Koramangala 5th block, amongst all the greenery and morning dewdrops resides an eco-friendly eatery that compliments the amazing weather of Bangalore and gives its visitors the opportunity to appreciate art and creativity.

The wooden interiors with benches and tables for seating arrangement, the walls mounted with colourful art and paintings, the cabinet piled with books to read, it all creates an atmosphere of an art college campus and the hangouts at the canteen. They have an All Day Breakfast menu, which is short and simple, makes it much easier to pick. The array of sandwiches available can keep one intrigued. It is rather an ideal place to gather your thoughts while sitting in silence and listening to nature.

Suggestions from the Menu

 Tuna Melt Sandwich – The idea of molten cheese runs water into everyone’s mouth, the tuna flavour adds on to the delicacy.

 The Every Day Breakfast – If you have woken up late and need to cater to those grumbles in your tummy, this is one of the best picks here for a good healthy brunch.

 Press Coffee – Nothing can get better than having a piping hot cup of hand ground coffee served in a French press.

 Approx. cost for two people: Rs.800 –Rs.1200/-

Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

Seafood lovers, dig in straight into the melted tuna sandwich. Photography by Allene Abas

Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

Everyday breakfast is a ‘must try’ for every foodie. Photography by Nivy

Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

French press coffee makes for a damn good start of the day. Photography by Aryan G Naidu

Kota Kachori

For all the North Indian friends yearning for home and craving all the street side fast food breakfast, Kota Kachori is the most desirous eatery for you among the best breakfast places in Koramangala. Famed for its pocket-friendly prices and authentic flavours, Kota Kachori will bring back your zeal on an uninteresting morning.

Located in 6th Block Koramangala, this place is always buzzing with people looking for quick bites as well as heavy meals. The menu will make you feel a step closer to home and the taste makes your mind teleport to one of your favourite joints up north. The first floor has a simple seating arrangement for the ones who will like to take their time and savour their bites.

Suggestions from the menu

Paneer Paratha: The parathas served with a gravy item; do not forget to add that big chunk of butter on it.

Sabudana Dahi Vada: Depending on your preference, you can try it with or without the curd. Both taste equally good and a sumptuous fill.

Chola Bhatura: Most North Indians, judge an eating joint by the skill of a restaurant in mastering ‘Chola Bhatura’. This place will definitely not disappoint you.

 Approx. cost for two people: Rs.300 – Rs.500/-


Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

Freshly prepared paneer parantha with some tomato ketchup. Photography by Neha


Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

Sabudana Dahi vada with some sev. Photography by Aryan


Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

Chola Bhatura with some tangy onion and pickle. Photography by Sumit Nagrare

Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala: All Time Favourite Pickins

Name Cuisine
154 Breakfast Club English Breakfast
Madurai Idly South Indian
The Breakfast Truck English Breakfast
Sree Krishna Café South Indian
Koramangala Social English Breakfast
Mr. Beans English Breakfast
Bristo Claytopia American
Om Pure Veg North Indian

 Complete Details of Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

154 Breakfast Club Area – Kormangala 3rd Block

Timings – 9 am to 3 pm; 6 pm to 9 pm

Must Try Dishes – Mushroom Ragout & Nutella Waffle

Cost for 2 –Rs.600-1000/-

Madurai Idly Shop Area – Kormangala 6th Block

Timings – 6:30 am to 12 Midnight

Must Try Dishes – Ghee Rava Dosa

Cost for 2 – Rs. 150 – 300/-

The Breakfast Truck Area – Kormangala 6th Block

Timings – 9:00 am to 11 pm

Must Try Dishes – Oreo Pancakes & Pizza Crepe

Cost for 2 – Rs. 400-600/-

Sree Krishna Café Area – Kormangala 5th Block

Timings – 7:30 am – 11 am

Must Try Dishes – Pongal & idiyappam

Cost for 2 – Rs. 200-400/-

Kormangala Social Area – Kormangala 7th Block

Timings – 9 am to 12:30 midnight

Must Try Dishes – Hungover Breakfast

Cost for 2 – Rs. 600-1000/-

Mr. Beans Cafe Area – Kormangala 3rd Block

Timings – 10 am to 10 pm

Must Try Dishes – Picked Cream Cheese Omelette

Cost for 2 – Rs. 600 -1000/-

Bistro Claytopia Area – Kormanagala Ist Block

Timings – 9:30 am to 11:00 pm

Must Try Dishes – Kheema Omelette & Coorg Honey Coffee

Cost for 2 – Rs. 200 to 400/-

Om Pure Veg Area – Kormanagala 7th Block

Timings – 11:45 am to 4pm; 7 pm to 11 pm

Must Try Dishes – Sabudana Khichadi &PohaSev

Cost for 2 – Rs. 150 to 300/-


Best breakfast places in koramangala

154 Breakfast Club. Photography by Amit Bikram Raut


Best breakfast places in koramangala

Mushroom Ragout. Photography by Florine


Best breakfast places in koramangala

Madurai Idly Shop. Photography by Nithya


Best breakfast places in koramangala

Ghee Rava Dosa. Photography by Suchi


Best breakfast places in koramangala

The Breakfast truck. Photography by Janhavi Machaiah


Best breakfast places in koramangala

Oreo Pancakes. Photography by Meg Clist


Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

Sree Krishna Cafe. Photography by Dipika


Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

Pongal. Photography by Ann


Best breakfast places in koramangala

Koramangala Social. Photography by Pascal Sem


Best breakfast places in koramangala

The Hungover Breakfast. Photography by Raj Chhatopadhyay


Best breakfast places in koramangala

Mr. Beans Cafe. Photography by Hafiz


Best breakfast places in koramangala

Pickled cream cheese omlette. Photography by Navin Kollugiri


Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

Bistro Claytopia. Photography by Arpo Ghosh


Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

Om Veg Cafe. Photography by Harsha Mishra


Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala

Sev Poha. Photography by Dinesh Kumar Nataraj

Technology Brings Best Breakfast places in Koramangala to your Doorstep

With people getting busier by the day chasing their dreams and achieving goals, they have less time to pay attention to themselves and think about eating right. Sparing time for the most important meal of the day seem near to impossible and quicker solutions are in demand. The technology world has bridged the gap between man and food, connecting restaurants and eateries to their customers within a few clicks on webpages and apps and the food almost miraculously appears before them in a matter of 30 minutes.

Bangalore being one of the most fast paced metropolitan city, has uncomplainingly adapted the lifestyle of ordering in. This city hence has given rise to many Start-Up food chains assuring healthy nutrition to their consumers at very affordable prices. While looking for the best breakfast places in Koramangala one could try these following apps and websites and be rest assured that they will not be disappointed.

The Brekkie Shop: Successfully delivering and making every customer happy since they have started operations, The Brekkie Shop has some of the best breakfast combos available on their menu that include nutritious and a filling snack along with shakes or parfait that one can pick as per their choice.

Fresh Menu: Limited items in the menu with mouth-watering choices. As the name rightly suggest the ingredients used are fresh and nutritious with low calories. Most of the items on the menu changes every day, giving more and more reasons to return to their page on a daily basis.

Chai Point: For many, more than breakfast a great cup of tea is a necessity to kick start their day. Chai point offers a range of flavoured and usual tea with quick bites on the side satisfying the hunger pangs and leaving one refreshed to conquer the day.

Swiggy & Zomato: If the above three options aren’t appealing enough or you haven’t found exactly what you are looking for, ‘Swiggy’ & ‘Zomato’ have almost every food joint registered with them in Koramangala. Just put in your location and stumble yourself into long lists of selection. You can even look for a specific cuisine or a food item you particularly want to have, select your best match and order online.

In a place like Koramangala, there is a new food joint starting out almost every day. With increasing competition to survive in the food business these places are being highly innovative and adding a touch of their own to make it unique and set their marks. Besides the restaurants and food joints mentioned here there are many others who are doing equally well at serving their customers and deserves a visit too. I am signing off to go try some more of these places and dream to set foot in all of them in due time.

Best breakfast places in bangalore

Visit Koramangala and grab a bite today. Photography by Marlena Kur


Born and brought up amidst the tiny lanes and concrete surroundings in ‘The City of Joy’ Nadia Gomes responds to the call of the mountains and the whistles of the seas as often as her career path permits. She is an Old Soul, sometimes walking her solitary path in search of the foolish freedom that imbibes the responsibilities of the unknown. A chef’s daughter with the natural stroke of a gourmet, she allows her taste buds to explore from the local to the most exotic cuisines in and around her circumambience. She’s an activist for the environment with strong moral convictions and a dreamer to dwell amongst nature’s lasting happiness.


Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala  Best Breakfast Places in Koramangala