Havelock Island Scuba Diving: A Beginner’s First Dive Ever

Havelock Island scuba diving can prove to be one of your best under water experiences. It’ll be even better if you’re a first time diver. The thrill and excitement mixed with fear will provide you with a whole new fortitude.

Havelock Island is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the union territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is located in South Andaman and is easily accessible from the capital city of Port Blair. This particular island is famous for its beautiful beaches, amazing sun rise and sun set views, serene waters, natural habitat and the water sports expediting aqua venture and tourism in this division. Havelock experiences weather conditions that may turn unpredictable at times. Hence, a timely and forecasted travel planning is highly recommended.

Havelock Island Scuba Diving

Havelock Island is known for its beautiful beaches, amazing sun rise and sun set views. Photography by Nikhil Arora


Havelock Island Scuba Diving

While in Havelock Island, make sure to collect beautiful varieties of sea shells. Photography by Mamata Volvoikar


Havelock island scuba diving

Scuba diving can prove to be one of your best under water experiences. Photography by Francesco Riosa

Havelock Island Scuba Diving: An Overview

Location South India
Union Territory Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Mode of travel Flight, ship or ferries
Best time to visit October to April
Nearby places Neil Island, Port Blair
Accessibility Throughout the year
Nearby places Neil Island and Port Blair
Highlights Water sports activities and Radhanagar  beach
Food options available South Indian cuisine (dosa, idli, vada,etc.) , fish , coconut water , etc.


Havelock Island Scuba Diving

Neil Island. Photography by Chetan Kaushik


Havelock Island scuba diving

The Island of Port Blair. Photography by Mohammed Azhar

How to Reach Havelock Island?

One can make use of either government ferries, private ferries or a sea plane in order to reach Havelock Island. Usually, more number of round trips (from Port Blair to Havelock and back to Port Blair) are made by government ferries as they mainly operate to facilitate transport of people (islanders) and goods (food, fuel, couriers, etc.) to sustain island living. Private ferries on the other hand have been recently put into function to aid tourists to have a comfortable and quick journey hence increasing tourist immigration. An eight-seated sea plane offers a more luxurious option for people who desire to reduce the travel time considerably.

Havelock Island Scuba Diving

The Havelock Island Jetty. Photography by Aishwarya Deorane

Travel Options for Havelock Island ?

Travel Options for Reaching Havelock Island from Port Blair Important Details
Government Ferries One-way charges per person is ₹250 for chair class and ₹350-390 for seat class.

The ferry takes around 2.5 hours to reach the island as it stops at Neil Island first and then changes its course towards Havelock taking a longer route.

The ferry leaves from Port Blair to Neil and Havelock Islands every 2-3 hours.

Private Ferries

(Makruzz, Green Ocean, etc.)

One-way fare per person varies from ₹1000-1200 depending upon the ferry booked.

It takes approximately 1.5 hours (90 minutes) for private ferries to reach Havelock.


(Pawan Hans)

Per head charges for one way is around ₹4000.

The sea plane usually takes only 20 minutes to reach the Island from Port Blair.

This seaplane operates on, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Havelock Island Scuba Diving: Best Places to Pursue the Activity

Ever since the whooping expansion of water sports activities in this place, Havelock Island has seen quite a number of service providers when it comes to Scuba Diving. Out of many that claim to provide the best scuba diving experience to nature wanderers, there are few like Andaman Bubbles, Doongi Dives and Barefoot Scuba that caters to world class standards of diving underwater.


avelock Island Scuba Diving (3)

Diving deep in the clear blue waters. Photography by Aishwarya Deorane

Service Providers and Average Cost for Havelock Island Scuba Diving

Service Providers Time of Operation Charges for First Timers and Without Equipment Charges for Divers with Own Equipment
Doongi Dives 9:00 am- 2:00 pm Rs.4500- 6000 Discounts on basic price available.
Andaman Bubbles 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Rs.4500- 6000 Discounts on basic price available.
Barefoot Scuba 9:00 am- 2:00 pm Rs.4500- 6000 Discounts on basic price available.

Havelock Island Scuba Diving

Me at the Barefoot Scuba, prior to diving and after filling the medical form

Initial Requirements for Havelock Island Scuba Diving

There are two major things that are required for any person who wish to do scuba diving under the service providing companies mentioned above.

The Medical Fitness Form

This is the primary step in which the person is required to fill information regarding any medical condition that one has before going underwater. Moreover, pregnant females, people who have blood pressure problems and visitors who have availed any flight within 48 hours of their stay on ground are advised not to go for any diving activity. However, after 40-48 hours, any medically fit person is allowed all kinds of sport activities.

The Diving Equipment

It comprises of a set of equipments that majorly includes the diving suit, flipper boots, an oxygen cylinder kit, a belt of weights, face mask, mouth pipe, a regulator, pressure gauze and a buoyancy control device. Having all these with you can make you good to go for diving.


Havelock Island Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving suit with flipper boots, an essentiality. Photography by Aishwarya Deorane

A Beginner’s Experience in Havelock Island Scuba Diving

The beginner is accompanied by at least one professional diver to take care of conditions and the proceedings of the activity when one is underwater. Scuba diving has usually two phases.  A 15-minute demo round in which the person is instructed about the activity, signals to communicate in order to depict one’s actions under water and things to take care of while the second phase involves the main activity of diving.

After the demonstration by a personalised professional diver (who is usually male), the person is taken from the coast, in a motor boat, some miles away where water levels are neither too deep nor too shallow.

The instructor takes you to underwater sites where corals and fishes are likely to be present in larger number. Scuba diving lets one to explore the water life beneath. Sometimes, if luck offers, one can see old sunken ships and vehicles which now serves as an attraction to the tourists. Photography and videography are included in the package.


Havelock Island Scuba Diving

Diving deep in the clear blue waters can be a lovely experience. Photography by Ranjit Gowda

Havelock Island Scuba Diving: Important Aspects to Keep in Mind

Scuba diving is one of a life experience but if not executed properly can lead to problematic and terrible situations. One has to be very critical, cautious and alert while diving. Breaths should be taken only using the mouth pipe and not through the nose or else water rushes into the mask leading to extremely low visibility and irritation in eyes due to saline sea water.

If there is water accumulation in the mouth pipe, care must be taken as to how to clear it using the pressure gauge. In addition to this, one should not panic, give out clear instructions of one’s state to his/her instructor and not rush himself/herself to go and view objects inside water.

Havelock Island Scuba Diving (20)

This is me moments before scuba diving. Photography by Aishwarya Deorane


Havelock Island Scuba Diving

This is me taking tttempting snorkeling for the first time. Photography by Aishwarya Deorane

Observable Marine Organisms During Havelock Island Scuba Diving

Marine life provides a panoramic and picturesque view of an extremely diversified groups of fishes, little organisms, colourful coral reefs, sunken ships and vehicles acting as an attraction to viewers.

The clown fish commonly known as the ‘nemo’ fish is a widely found variety of sea anemone in the waters of Andaman sea. Sea horses, sting rays, mantis shrimps and small school of fishes swiftly paving their ways in between the corals are a visual delight. Sea cucumbers are a common sight in these waters and even the instructor allows you to squeeze this echinoderm. Red coloured blood disperses into water due to its open circuit of fluid circulation.

Havelock Island Scuba Diving

Mantis Shrimp. Photography by Avi Singh

Activities to Pursue in Addition to Havelock Island Scuba Diving

Water sport activities are the prime choice of recreation of tourists in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. However, Havelock has been constantly conducting a number of water sports that one can enjoy and have fun with. Snorkelling can be done in the famous Radhanagar Beach and also in Elephant Beach.

The exciting sea walk, 10 metres deep on the sea bed can be done at the Elephant Beach. Elephant Beach can be reached through a motor boat (Rs.600-800 per person). The beach remains opened from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm. Banana rides and water scooters are common in both Radhanagar and Elephant beaches in Havelock.

Havelock island scuba diving

Elephant beach is a decent spot for snorkeling. Photography by Nursel Okumus

Activities Besides Havelock Island Scuba Diving and Average Cost

Activity Cost per person (negotiable)
Water scooter/ Jet ski Rs.400-600
Banana Ride Rs.450-650
Snorkelling Rs.300-700
Sea Walk Rs.3000-4000
Havelock islan scuba diving

Taking a dive into the sea trying water sports and being amidst coral reefs is magnificent. Photography by Jason

Places to Visit in Around Havelock Island

Once you’re done with Havelock Island scuba diving, there are a number of places to visit in and around the island. One can bask in the sun and relax in the beaches of Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach and the Kalapather Beach. The Kalapather Beach hosts numerous snails, insects and scorpions that dwell in its sands.

Neil island is another hotspot of tourist attraction. It can be reached through a government ferry. Bharatpur, Sitapur, Lakshmanpur and Ramnagar are the famous beaches.

Havelock Island Scuba Diving

Radhanagar Beach. Photography by Aman Malhotra


Havelock Island Scuba Diving

Kalapathar Island. Photography by Aishwarya Deorane


Havelock Island scuba diving

Lakshmanpur. Photography by Nidhi

Budget Eateries Available

While in Havelock Island, you have got to try out sea food – different varieties of fish, crabs, lobsters – everything. 

Some of the budget eating places at Havelock Island are –

Full Moon Cafe

Specialties: Freshly brewed coffee, Tuna Carpaccio, Prawn chilly dry

Fat Marin Cafe

Specialties: Mushroom Rolls, Milky Bar Spring Roll

Havelock Island Scuba Diving

Raw fish. Photography by Aishwarya Deorane


Havelock Island Scuba Diving

Raw prawns. Photography by Aishwarya Deorane


Havelock Island Scuba Diving

Hot steaming desi chai. Photography by Aishwarya Deorane

For long vacations, one can definitely plan to visit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands with Havelock being the must go place as it offers maximum number of water sport activities.

Happy wayfaring 🙂


Havelock Island Scuba Diving

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Havelock Island Scuba Diving  Havelock Island Scuba Diving