Is Dharamshala Safe for Solo Travelers, Backpackers and Women ?

Is Dharamshala Safe for Solo Travelers, Backpackers and Women ? This is a pertinent question that needs to be addressed for the security of every first time visitor. The answer is yes.

In the current post, I will answer each and every safety question that has been posed to me by travelers across regions. The intention is for you to pack your bags and run off to the gorgeous Himalayan destination.

Dharamshala and Mcleodganj are safe as travel destinations. Not only are they safe but beautiful. The majestic Himalayas form a riveting backdrop and you can’t help but stare at the natural wonder.

These places will make you their own forever. Go visit soon and find out for yourself is Dharamshala safe or not ?

is dharamshala safe

The beautiful Himalayan town of Dharamshala is a decently safe travel destination. Photography by Dhruv Dube

Is Dharamshala Safe ?

Let’s find out the safety of Dharamshala by means of the subsequent table. The metrics has been based on my own travel experiences – alone, with friends and family.

Type of Experience Safety level
Solo trip High
Trip with friends High
All girls trip High
Couple’s trip Moderate to high
Family trip Very high
Public places High
Eating places Very high
Transport Moderate to high

Is Dharamshala Safe for Solo Travelers ?

Dharamshala is one of the most sought after travel destinations when it comes to solo travelers and backpackers. The reason for the high number of travelers isn’t just the beauty of the place. It has a lot to do with the security of Dharamshala.

It is quite common to see travel junkies explore this Himalayan town on their own. They stay here from just a day to over 2 months. For wanderlust lovers, Dharamshala comes across as a natural nest.

Hence, is Dharamshala safe for solo travelers ? YES

Must Carry Things for a Safe Solo Trip

Mobile Phone (for staying in touch with trusted people)
Pepper Spray (for emergency situations from anti social elements)
Trekking pole (for trails on treks)
Torch (for poor lighting conditions)

Is Dharamshala safe for a Trip with Friends ?

Each year thousands of individuals form groups and venture to this lovely hill town. As long as you don’t indulge in rowdy behaviour, don’t expect any harm to you. 

Fun and frolic with friends is an obvious thing when it comes to taking a trip. Dharamshala will in no way come between your thrill and you because its pretty safe.

Is Dharamshala Safe for an All Girls Trip ?

An all girls trip is not just fascinating but inspiring. However, when it comes to planning one, safety can be a major issue.  Not every place is safe when it comes to India. Dharamshala, thankfully is extremely female friendly.

Safety will not be a problem here. It is common to see solo female travelers explore the rare places of this Himalayan territory. Many can even be seen performing yoga alone on cliffs and hills. They embrace nature and nature returns positivity ten fold.

Therefore, is Dharamshala safe for all girls trip ? YES

Must Carry Things for a Safe All Girls Trip

Mobile Phone (for staying in touch with trusted people)
Pepper Spray (for emergency situations from anti social elements)
Trekking pole (for trails on treks)
Torch (for poor lighting conditions)

Is Dharamshala Safe for Couples ?

Dharamshala is a good travel host to couples. However you have got to respect the local culture.

Avoid any kind of lewd behaviour in public. Try not to break any public rules here and you’re good to stay here till your heart desires.

Make sure to carry an ID proof at all times. It will save you a lot of trouble.

Thus, is Dharamshala safe for couples ? YES

Is Dharamshala Safe for Family Trips ?

The north Indian town of Dharamshala is very safe for families. Each year hundreds of families flock here during summers and winters. There are very less cases of criminal activity.

The only thing to be cautious about is shopkeepers. Do not allow them to rip you. Being a popular travel destination, they might ask you for higher prices than usual.

Therefore, is Dharamshala safe for family trips ? YES

Is Dharamshala Safe When it Comes to Public Spaces ?

Being a travel destination, Dharamshala has its various spaces open to public. The places of visit are safe. In fact there’s seems to be a sense of calm all around. 

This is true for not just Dharamshala but Mcleodganj as well.

Whether you’re hiking up to Dal lake or sitting in meditation at the Dalai Lama temple, whether you’re getting clicked at the cricket stadium or enjoying momos at a punk cafe, you will feel safe at all times.

Therefore, is Dharamshala safe in public places ? YES

is Dharamshala safe

The Dalai Lama Temple. Photography by Gokul Subramanium

Is Dharamshala Safe When it Comes to Eating Places ?

Visiting Dharamshala and not exploring its eating places will be plain rude. The many restaurants, cafes and eateries are flooded with travelers.

The staff in most places is warm and hospitable. So are the owners. You will not find and kind of filthy behaviour around. At certain cafes, you will surely find people high on a lot of stuff. But nobody will harm you in anyway. 

Dharamshala is really a peaceful place.

Therefore, is Dharamshala safe when it comes to eating places? YES

is Dharamshala safe

Dharamshala is home to some punk cafes and eateries. Try them all if you have the time. Photography by Rashmi Sahani

Is Dharamshala Safe When it Comes to Using Public Transport ?

When it comes to internal transport, I suggest you prefer local mini buses to private cabs. This becomes even mor important when you are traveling alone. 

Using public transport will ensure your safety and avoid you spending extra bucks. In a group, however, even private cabs can be hired because you will be pooling money and you will not be  alone.

Therefore, is Dharamshala safe when it comes to public transport ? YES

Must Carry Things for a Safety in Public Transport 

Mobile Phone (for staying in touch with trusted people)
Pepper Spray (for emergency situations from anti social elements)
Camera (For capturing emergency situations that demand attention)

Is Dharamshala Safe for Taking Hikes and Treks Around ?

In terms of safety from people around, surely Dharamshala’s many treks and hikes are secure. However, the weather can be unpredictable in this part of the world. So make sure to pursue these treks only during pleasant weather. 

One trek that I will surely recommend is the Triund Trek. Its beautiful up there and the trail is quite easy.

Top Safety Tips for Dharamshala for First Timers

Accommodation check Inform family members or friends about your place of stay along with the address and contact number of the respective accommodation.
Cabs If traveling solo, try using public transport. In case of privately operated cabs, check for the ID of the driver. Note the number of the vehicle and inform friends and folks about it.
ID Proof Save yourself a lot of trouble by carrying an ID proof with you at all times.
Partying out Always stay in your senses at all times. Do not trust strangers to drop you home.
Late night outings Avoid meandering in the streets at night especially if you’re traveling solo. 

Budget Accommodation Deals to Dharamshala

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The snow clad Dhauladhars, the wiff of romanticism, the quaint spiritual sway of his holiness – the Dalai Lama and the strong Tibetan influence make Dharamshala a favourite weekend getaway for a lot of people. Dharamshala is all about vibrant Tibetan flags, rolling prayer wheels and the in-sync sound of  ringing bells and warbling birds.

Dharamshala will treat you well. Don’t be scared. Visit this place soon.

Happy wayfaring 🙂 


Is dharamshala safe

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Is Dharamshala safe Is Dharamshala safe Is Dharamshala safe