Mahim Khau Galli, one of the most popular ‘khau gallis’ in India is located in Mahim, to the East of Mumbai. A ‘khau galli’ is interpreted in English as ‘an eat street or lane of eateries’. A noisy street crowded with people having food at different stalls.

In Mumbai,  Mahim Khau Galli is a ‘must-visit’ place for non-vegetarians – both travelers as well as locals. From spicy snacks to sweet preparations, Mahim khau galli located at Balamia Road in Mumbai has much to offer to foodies visiting this place.

Popular for its typical Mughlai food items, Mahim Khau Galli brings the savory recipes upon a platter to the visitors.

Best part about this place is the availability of all food items at rock bottom prices.

Mahim Khau Galli: An Overview

Specialty Non-vegetarian delicacies and snacks
Best Time to Visit During the festive season of Ramzan
Things to Carry Some money and a hungry Belly – literally
Whom to Go With Preferably family or friends
Average Cost of a Food Item Rs. 40
Precautionary Measures Take care of your valuables and belongings. Possibility of robbery due to abundant crowd.

Must Taste Items in Mahim Khau Galli

Shawarma Roll Non-vegetarian 
Seekh Kebab  Non-vegetarian 
Biryani  Non-vegetarian 
Chicken Vada Pav  Non-vegetarian 
Baida Roti  Non-vegetarian 
Malpua   Vegetarian
Dahi Chaat  Vegetarian
Khichadi  Vegetarian
Halwa Parantha  Vegetarian
Falooda  Vegetarian

Exact Location of Mahim Khau Galli

Mahim Khau Galli is located at Balamia Road in Mahim. 

Mahim Khau Galli, Sindhu Wadi, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400077

How to Reach Mahim Khau Galli ?

Start Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST)
Destination Mahim Khau Galli
Approximate distance 21 kms
Approximate driving time 34 minutes

Best Time to Visit Mahim Khau Galli

It is better to visit Mahim Khau Galli during Ramzan due to the enormous range of non-vegetarian delicacies prepared during this period. One can find a large variety of non-vegetarian snacks like samosas, kebabs, tandoori preparations during this period.

Availability of Food Variety at Mahim Khau Galli

Mahim Khau Galli offers an entire range of Mughlai cuisine that includes non-vegetarian dishes, desserts and some varieties of Italian snacks too.

Non-vegetarian Food Items Available


Shawarma is a meat preparation in which bread/roti normally called (khaboos) is packed with meat, sauces and cabbage.


Kebabs are pieces of meat roasted or grilled in a special equipment.


It is a dish made by cooking together meat, pulses and spices. Normally, khichadi is eaten with bread or rotis. At mahim Khau Galli, try it at Hussain Khichadiwala.


A South-Asian dish made with rice and meat.

Baida Roti

Roti stuffed with minced meat.

Chicken Vada Pav

Non-vegetarian version of the regular vadapav.

Desserts/Sweet Dishes Available


A dessert prepared using ice-cream, syrup, vermicelli, sabja (basil seeds) and milk.

Halwa Paratha

A sweet dish made by stuffing soojihalwa inside a paratha.


Indian Pancakes prepared from ghee.


A sweet dish made using rice and milk.

Rawa Halwa

A dessert made using sooji (rawa) and ghee.


Dahi Vada

A chaat item prepared by soaking and topping vadas with curd and spices.

Chana Chaat

A snack prepared using chickpeas, tomatoes, onions and some spices as well.

Italian cuisine


Yeasted flatbread with vegetable/cheese or meat topping

Must Try Food Stalls at Mahim Khau Galli

Name of the Eatery Food Specialty
Priti Limca Stall 

Outside St. Michael’s Church

Malpua – Rs. 25
Baba Falooda 

To the left of Midland Restaurant & Bar

Dry Kulfi Falooda – Rs. 50
Baba Shawarma & Kebab Corner 

Inside MahimKhau Galli

Chicken Vada Pav – Rs. 20
Salim’s Stall 

Just next to Rakesh Chinese Stall

Chicken Vada Pav – Rs. 15
Mafco Farm Fair

Outside Mahim Church

Samosa – Rs. 20
Bismillah Juice Centre 

Inside Mahim Khau Galli

Mango Juice – Rs. 20
Garib Nawaz 

Inside Mahim Khau Galli

Baida Roti – Rs. 40
Leslia’s Stall 

Near Bismillah Juice Centre

HalwaParantha – Rs. 30
Hussain Khichdawala

Inside MahimKhau Galli

Khichada – Rs. 30
Raees Kebab Corner 

 Opposite Zaheer Bhai Shawarma Stall

Kebabs – Rs. 80
Zaheer Bhai 

Next to Dahiwala Stall

Shawarma with Khaboos – Rs. 70
Iqbal Subedar Caterers 

In Mahim Khau Galli

Full Chicken Biryani – Rs. 80
Rakesh Chinese

In Mahim Khau Galli, Towards Mahimdargah

Complete  Meal (For 2) – Rs. 250
Shri Krishna

In Mahim Khau Galli, near Shivaji Park Fire Brigade

Complete  Meal (For 2) – Rs. 200
Aslaam’s Stall

Outside Rainbow Digital Photo Studio

Rawa Halwa – Rs. 120 (1 kg.)

What Foods to Try for First Time Visitors ?

If you happen to visit Mahim Khau Galli for the first time, make sure you don’t leave the place without having the following: 

 Chicken Vada Pav

At a reasonable cost of Rs. 20, the chicken vadapavs turn out to be a perfect evening snack! This has been something that I’ve always had during my visit to Mumbai. You can try it at Baba Shawarma & Kebab Corner or Salim’s Stall.

Baida Roti

A perfect combination of roti stuffed with minced meat, baida rotis are apt for a hungry stomach.


Malpua (sweet pancakes) are a healthy yet tasty sweet dish that one can have just before the Mahim Khau Galli journey ends.

Shawarma Roll

While at Khau Galli in Mhaim, make sure to try a shawarma roll from Zaheer Bhai Shawarma stall.

Dry Kulfi Falooda

Before you bid adieu to Mahim Khau Galli after a good meal, the last item to try out would be a falooda from Baba Falooda Stall. Loaded with ice-cream, kulfi, vermicelli and milk, a dry kulfi falooda would be a perfect dessert that concludes your journey with sweet memories of food, excitement and fun at Mumbai MahimKhau Galli.

Mumbai’s Mahim Khau Galli is a one-stop street haul for the non-vegetarians visiting or residing in Mumbai. It offers a wide variety of food items that fit within a common man’s budget. If you ever visit Mumbai, make sure you don’t leave until you have visited Mumbai’s Mahim Khau Galli – A food haven for non-vegetarians in Mumbai.

Happy Wayfaring !!

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