Spending a Weekend in Leeds : Explore, Eat and Party

weekend in leeds

Weekend in Leeds should be spent by exploring beautiful destinations, eating exotic food and partying hard. The city is best known for Shopping, Sports, Education and astonishing nightlife.

Leeds is an exotic blend of heritage and modernized regime. It is the largest city of West Yorkshire County and third largest in England.

 Leeds showcases a remarkable architecture which is an intermingling of Victorian and modern construction.

Recently, Leeds featured in the list of best cities to live in England.  Leeds is the liveliest place to visit in England.

Let me elaborate more on spending a weekend in Leeds based on personal experience.


Spending a Weekend in Leeds: Top Things to do

Visit the civic structure of the city – Leeds Town Hall
Check out First Direct Arena – the place that hosts celebrities across the globe
Immerse yourself in some splendid artwork at the Leeds Art Gallery
Hang out at Millennium Square, situated right in the city centre
Spend at least 3 hours at the Leeds City Museum
Go shopping at various market places.
Munch yourself out at various eateries
Be a part of the nightlife in Leeds
weekend in leeds

Leeds showcases a remarkable architecture . Photography by Mark Nowoslawsky

Before we find out more about spending a weekend in Leeds, let us understand the city a little better –

Leeds: An Overview

Location West Yorkshire


Country England


Best Time to Visit Throughout the Year


Airfare INR 50000 – Round Trip


Key Attractions City Centre, Headingley Stadium, Leeds Town Hall, Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds Museum, Leeds Art Gallery, Direct Arena


Nearest Airport Leeds – Bradford Airport


Nearest Destinations York, Bradford, Harrogate


What are the Best Places to Visit While Spending a Weekend in Leeds ?

Leeds is a city full of grace and grandeur. While spending a weekend at Leeds, make sure to drop by the following –

 Leeds Town Hall

Archetypal in Grace and a glorious Victorian Architecture, Leeds Town Hall is a must visit for every traveler. This civic structure is one of the largest Town Halls in England.

Taking a throwback to the history, Leeds Town Hall was established in the year 1858 which then was inaugurated by Queen Victoria. The key highlights of the Town Hall are Portland stone lion statue situated around the building.

During a weekend in Leeds, take the incredible tour around the Town Hall.

weekend in leeds

Leeds Town Hall is a must visit for every traveler. Photography by Mark Auty

 First Direct Arena

Accommodating a capacity of approx. 13,500, First Direct Arena is a must visit for every traveler wanting to spend a weekend in Leeds.

Located right in the city centre, First Direct Arena has been a host to celebrity faces like – Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Bryan Adams, RahatFateh Ali Khan, Miley Cyrus in the music genre followed with artists from Comedy Genre like – Lee Evans, Jack Whitehall, Impractical Jokers and so on.

It’s not limited to the artistic events. Its been host to WWE. The building has marked its space in the category of England’s greatest Landmarks along with winning the best new venue award in the year 2014.

Located right in the City Centre, First Direct Arena has been a host to celebrity faces. Photography by Bernadette

Leeds Art Gallery

Are you an Art Lover? Even if you aren’t you will assuredly fall in love with this sphere of Art.

Leeds Art Gallery showcases the Finest British Art taking you through with the best paintings of the British Era.

Leeds Art Gallery was established back in 1887 in the honour of Queen Victoria. Currently, the Gallery is managed by the City Council. The entry to the gallery and tour is completely free of cost.

weekend in leeds

Leeds Art Gallery showcases the Finest British Art. Photography by Anthony Ho

Millennium Square

One of the most attractive spaces to spend weekend in Leeds is Millennium Square. It is situated right in the city centre.

Also known as the heart of Leeds, this is a host to several live events and a home to the Big Screen where you can watch Wimbledon while walking down the road.

It hosts the German Christmas Market where you could enjoy some yummylicious delicacies, shop around, go marie go round and play games under the stars.

Leeds German Market takes place every year starting from the month of October to December.

weekend in leeds

Known as the heart of Leeds, Millennium Square is a host to several live events. Photography by Naveen Manikya Pallem

 Leeds City Museum

Established in the year 1819, Leeds City Museum takes you through the British History.

The museum comprises of different galleries and the key attraction is the Map of Leeds designed right in the centre of the museum.

Life on Earth is another gallery which is a must visit within the museum. The entry to the museum is free of charge. Make sure to at least take 3 hours out of the schedule during the weekend in Leeds tour.

weekend in leeds

Established in the year 1819, Leeds City Museum takes you through British History. Photography by Mustafa Alti Parmak

Where and What to Shop During a Weekend in Leeds ?

City Centre
Victoria Quarter
Trinity Leeds
Leeds Kirkgate Market
Victoria Gate

Shopping During Weekend in Leeds: Elaborate Details

Are you a Shopaholic? Then, spending a weekend in Leeds shopping will prove fun.

City Centre

 This is the heart of Leeds. Surrounded by more than 100 brands and fashion house, Leeds City Centre is the destination for your shopping.

Walk down the street during a weekend in Leeds and you’ll be guaranteed tired of Window Shopping.

Major brands with their outlets are – River Island, Debenhams, Pandora, Marks and Spencers, etc.

Victoria Quarter

Situated right in the middle of City Centre, Victoria Quarter is surrounded by premium brand outlets. Key stores available in the Victoria Quarter are – Louis Vitton, Harvey Nicholes, etc.

Trinity Leeds

The all-time favourite destination for your shopping and having a day out at Leeds. Trinity Leeds is a gigantic Shopping Centre which has recorded many awards since the record breaking opening in the year 2013.

Leeds Kirkgate Market

Bored of those Lavish British Markets – Enter Kirtkgate Market – the largest Asian Market where you get to do the grocery Shopping. The traditional market is packed with vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

Victoria Gate

This award winning shopping centre is a recent development which was opened its gate in the year 2016. Victoria Gate was awarded as the best shopping centre in Europe due to its vivacious experience delivery to all the visitors.

weekend in leeds

Leeds is a fun place to shop if you’re aware of the right places. Photography by Nicola

Best Places to Eat During Weekend in Leeds

During a weekend in Leeds,  enjoy a blend of cuisines from around the world. Here’s a list for the must visit eateries –

Tharavadu Restaurant
Red Hot World Buffet
Bella Italia
Patisserie Valerie

Weekend in Leeds: What all to Eat at the Best Places ?

Tharavadu Restaurant

 This award winning Indian Restaurant is a treat. Stop by here during your weekend in leeds and taste Indian food.

This fine dining restaurant satisfies your taste buds with delicacies straight from the heart of South India – Kerala.

 I recommend to try is its special fish and chicken curries.

Also, do not forget to order payasam – a guaranteed sweet desire.

weekend in leeds

Try amazing south Indian cuisine at Tharavadu Restaurant. Photography by DB

Red Hot World Buffet

One of the best eateries to tickle taste buds while spending a weekend in Leeds. Enter the extravaganza of cuisines from around the world – Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mediterranean, Italian, Indian and much more. 

Try extravaganza of cuisines at Red Hot World Buffet. Photography by Luke Wilkinson


This food place is a great stoppage to every traveler. Greggs offers the best coffee, donuts and pastries to try on while walking around the city.

weekend in leeds

Hang out at Greggs for the best donuts and coffee. Photography by Diana Bulmaga

Bella Italia

 Situated right in the middle of city centre, Try on the best pastas and Italian delicacies of city at Bella Italia.

weekend in leeds

Savour Italian cuisine at Bella Italia. Photography by Giulia

Patisserie Valerie

If you are a chocolate lover, then, this is the perfect place for you to stop by during weekend in Leeds.

Travelers with a sweet tooth have got to try desserts at Patisserie Valerie. Photography by Shelley Brady


 Get the city’s best chicken at Nandos. Enjoy exotic periperi chicken which no other place could offer.

Weekend in Leeds

Try the best Peri peri Chicken in town at Nando’s. Photography by Emily de Luca

Weekend in Leeds can get Crowded: Where to Stay ?

Finding a place to stay during weekend in Leeds is not much of a headache. Here are some decent suggestions –

Name of the Hotel Price starting from:
Hotel Ibis Leeds 30 pounds
The Avenue Hotel 25 pounds
Clayton Hotel 30 pounds
The Midland Hotel 30 pounds
Haley’s Hotel 35 pounds

Weekend in Leeds is Incomplete Without Being a Part of the Nightlife

Leeds is known as the liveliest cities due to its amazing night life. Have fun around the city centre and show your moves on Dance Floors.

Must Visit Clubs During Weekend in Leeds

O2 Academy
Tiger Tiger

Useful Tip: Do not forget to carry your ID when going to club. Also, Do not wear sports shoes while going to club.


Tips for Travelers Spending Weekend in Leeds

I’ve got few tips which you should follow while in spending a weekend in Leeds –

When spending a weekend in leeds, use local transport service. Buses are a great option and recommended. Get a day pass made for approx. 12 pounds for a day and travel whole day long using Bus.
 Use Ace or Amber Cabs as a first priority as they are cheaper in rates as compared to Apollo and City Cabs.
 Primark is the destination where you could get the clothes and other fashion accessories in extremely cheap rates. Though the rates are cheap but the quality has not been compromised.
 Be careful while visiting Hyde park in late evening hours as they are not safe enough due to previous record of burgling.

Why wait now? Book your tickets and explore England’s Best Destination.


Happy wayfaring 🙂


weekend in leeds

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weekend in leeds  weekend in leeds